Chefs Uniform

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Now with the age of social media – many “chefs” bloggers are cooking and wearing some fancy aprons. Nothing wrong with that. However, this particular apron is a working apron, which I wore during most of my years in the kitchens, but also proudly wearing during recording my cooking videos. This apron brings memories of my first years in some great kitchens in London some 20 years ago. This model also comes with pocket, but not for me ;). Price of this apron is around 10 quid.

My favourite brand and exact model. Used those ones for over 20 years. The only problem with earlier models (years 2000+) was – the sole. It was wearing down too fast. Last ones, which I bought 5 years ago (and actively used them for those years) havent got this problem. The footbed is from natural cork – so comfrtble! They aint cheap, though – over 100 quid, but so worth the money you pay!

This is a very simple model, I used those mostly in kitchens in London. I like they are short sleeve – great to work in any hot section, so you sweat less, however, there is a downside – it will not protect you from minor splashes of hot oil. The price is around 15 quid

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Hi! I am Ilya, a professional chef with 22 years of experience working in London and Barcelona. Here I will share with you some of my favourite recipes and also some tips and tricks of the chef’s trade.

Everything – from cooking, recording and editing videos, posting them and answering all the comments, creating and updating this blog, all that I do myself.

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