Chef's Shop (Everyone is Welcome!)

Here are links to products that in my opinion are best in their category for any chef or serious home cook. When I choose what to list here I first take into account my experience – many of these items I owe or used to owe. And many I used in different restaurants where I worked. Also, I take into account value for money, ratio price/quality. 

If you purchase something after clicking on those links (what’s known as “affiliate links”) I’ll probably earn some commission from it, without extra cost to you. Thank you!

The choice of knives that you can buy now is huge! I will stick to a few options here – the knives that I currently owe. Some of them have been with me for many years. And a secret here – a great knife is important in our profession, but a good knife will do the job just fine. Just buy a good chef (you will get most of the jobs done with it) and a couple of more to start.

Some items here are iconic in kitchens. They are not even called by what they are – they are called (between chefs) by make – examples are blenders – Termomix and Robo Coupe; fine grater – Microplane; mixer – Kitchen Aid (in Spain just Kitchen) and Kenwood etc. I will try to give suggestions for every budget in each category.

Here I will list not only items that we use in a professional kitchen but also items that I use at home (and I wish I would have!!). As some of them are very expensive, so I will list some alternatives. Makes such as
Staub and Le Creuset (they are on my Wish List) are of exceptional quality, but pricy!

Here I listed my favourite books, all of them I owe. In my early years of working as a chef, I used to get two types of presents – knives and books. I adapted to it after receiving some not very good ones. So I told people who wanted to buy me a gift WHAT books were on my wish list. My advice – do the same 😉

Usually, a uniform ( or some of the uniform) is given by your employer in a restaurant. In many cases, you can still opt-out out to wear your own. Here are different options from basic (which are my favourite) to some more expensive items. I can not emphasise enough – getting shoes right – is by far the most important item in a chef’s life!

In this category, I will list loads of small bits and pieces, that chefs use on an everyday basis and what I use/recommend using at home. Have fun shopping!

Welcome to my chefs blog!

Hi! I am Ilya, a professional chef with 22 years of experience working in London and Barcelona. Here I will share with you some of my favourite recipes and also some tips and tricks of the chef’s trade.

Everything – from cooking, recording and editing videos, posting them and answering all the comments, creating and updating this blog, all that I do myself.

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Thank you for your kindness and for being part of my story!