Pots and Pans

If you purchase something after clicking on those links (what’s known as “affiliate links”) I’ll probably earn some commission from it, without extra cost to you. 

This is just an example of frying pans of Tefal. I bought 2 of the same in 2017. I also bought more sizes for a home in London and Barcelona, during the last 20 years. They are perfect for the home kitchen. Just make sure you don’t use metal tongs or spatula, and use silicon, wooden or plastic ones. The price for this set is £25

Kuhn Rikon is another frying pan that I currently owe and filming most of my videos. Very happy with it – heatproof handle, non-stick, easy top clean – perfect for everyday use. The price is around £20

Probably the best make of iron cast enamel products – Staub. This item is on my wish list! It’s great to cook bread, stews, roasts etc. Perfect distribution of heat, slick design, easy to wash. Warning it’s a bit heavy. The price is around £200

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Hi! I am Ilya, a professional chef with 22 years of experience working in London and Barcelona. Here I will share with you some of my favourite recipes and also some tips and tricks of the chef’s trade.

Everything – from cooking, recording and editing videos, posting them and answering all the comments, creating and updating this blog, all that I do myself.

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