How to Choose Avocado Hass
A pile of green avocados

Avocado Hass is a variety most consumed on the planet (about 80% of all produced).

When working in a restaurant, I would talk to my supplier, explain what I want and basically they do the job for me. They deliver to me avocados of right ripeness. Same when I do my grocery shopping. Here in Barcelona, it’s Casa Ametller and my favourite stall in the market La Boqueria (not sure what it’s called). There they would ask me is it to eat today, tomorrow etc. So basically buy from a reputable supplier!

When I have to choose myself, I look for this:

  1. First, it’s skin colour. Avocados are harvested when their skin colour is green, so they can ripen in a few days. Similar story as with bananas. Then they start changing colour – they become dark green, nearly black. So I generally avoid green colour Hass.
  2. The skin should be slightly shiny, and not have aspects of dry to a point of craking. Also, look for any damage to the skin, avoid those.
  3. Feel them, but don’t press hard. Ready to eat ones should be slightly soft.
  4. Look at the pointy root, I would prefer to buy those ones who still have it. If it’s missing, it’s not a big deal – look inside. If the flesh colour is pale green -avocado could be still green and not ready to eat. If it’s brown or nearly black – it’s passed its best. If it’s dark green, it’s normally a good sign, and it’s ready to eat.
  5. When you think its the one, do a final check – very gently press around, if you feel that some parts are much softer than others, or you feel some ‘deeps’, that could be a sign that this avocado was damaged and part of it will be not for consumption.

And finally, even when I follow all those steps, I sometimes get that bad avocado. Bad luck!

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