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Kitchen Basics

Fish Stock (brown)

To start, there are two types of stocks – white and brown. When you make white stock you place chicken, veal, fish etc. bones straight into the pan. Normally you get rid of the first water (for chicken and any meat stock). This way your stock ends up clear. When you make brown stock you …

Kitchen Basics

Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Very simple method to preserve cherry tomatoes and have an alternative to sun dried tomatoes. Easy to make and so tasty. I use them with breakfast avocado toast, salads or even to make pasta sauce or red pesto. Ingredients: 1kg of cherry tomatoes 2-3 cloves of garlic Couple of strings of thyme Couple of bay …

Kitchen Basics

How to Prepare and Cook Asparagus

How to Prepare and Cook Asparagus How to Prepare and Cook Asparagus When buying, choose fresh asparagus without broken spears.  Commonly available green, purple (which turning green during cooking), and white (which grows under the soil) asparagus. After harvesting asparagus continues ‘growing’ and consuming its sugars (about 4% content when just harvested). That’s why it’s …