Beetroot Risotto with Goats Cheese


  • 200 grams beetroot (cooked)
  • 10 grams garlic
  • 50 grams shallot (or white onion)
  • 200 grams arborio or carnaroli rice
  • 100 grams red wine
  • 200 grams vegetable stock
  • 100 grams butter
  • 50 grams Parmesan
  • salt and black pepper to taste

Goats cheese roll

  • 100 grams goat’s cheese
  • 20 grams mixed fresh herbs
  • 20 grams butter
  • 5 grams of garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • pinch of any spices (dried oregano, coriander, paprika, etc)


  1. Wash the beetroot and place it in a pot with slightly salted cold water. Bring to the boil, lower fire and simmer till beetroot is cooked. Alternatively, you can roast beetroot in the oven whole, wrapped in foil.  Time will depend on the size of the vegetable. 
  2. When beetroot cooked, let it cool slightly, peel it and dice 3×3 mm (brunoise).
  3. To cook rice. First, cut shallots into fine brunoise and saute them in olive oil. After a couple of minutes add garlic, then rice. Saute on medium heat for another 3-4 minutes, constantly stirring. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper (bear in mind we will add more seasoning at the end of the cooking)
  4. Add wine and cook until rice absorbs all moisture. 
  5. Add hot stock, wait till rice absorbs liquid and then add more. 
  6. When rice is quite al dente add beetroot. After a couple of minutes add butter and parmesan, mix. Switch off the fire and leave the risotto to rest. Taste and add seasom¡ning if needed.
  7. Plate rice, add goat’s cheese and herbs.


  1. Love beetroot risotto, it would be interesting to try with goats cheese. Could not find to subscribe option though.

    1. Irena, thank you for the first comment on my blog!! Here I don’t have to subscribe option yet (I need to see and learn how to do it first ;))

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